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Workplace Wellness Speaker

Workplace Wellness Speaker


Discover your own unique talents and purpose while inspiring yourself and your team to accomplish seemingly unattainable objectives.


Learn how to break out of fear, stubbornness, and help your team and institution to grow.


Learn how to overcome adversity and tackle obstacles by taking control of your mental health in today’s modern society.


Connect within your organization to generate productivity and exceptional performance while maintaining harmony.

A health and wellness speaker, and cystic fibrosis advocate, Klyn Elsbury has made a name for herself by writing, keynote speaking, and hosting workplace wellness workshops designed to help busy executives relax and reconnect to what truly matters in life.

Born with cystic fibrosis, Klyn Elsbury was expected to die at 14 years old. Now in her 30’s, she has survived over 70 hospitalizations.
In between her hospitalizations and doctor appointments, she has written two personal development books that highlight her story with cystic fibrosis in a way that also encourages the reader to examine their own legacy and then get to work building it.

Klyn also is on the road 30 weeks a year, giving motivational keynotes and workshops to corporate clients, conferences, and associations to remind attendees that life is short, so make it count!


Excessive workplace stress negatively impacts the performance, productivity, and retention of employees. In a study of employee well-being, 66% of employees reported that workplace stress negatively affects their sleep.
Studies have found that when leaders show up for work unrested, they are more likely to lose patience with employees, act in abusive ways, and be seen as less charismatic (Mental Health America).
Klyn Elsbury has been blessed to be a keynote speaker for healthcare institutions and conferences as well as teach Mindful Leadership workshops to supplement a company’s workplace wellness initiatives.

Why is Workplace Wellness and Harmony So Important?

Health and wellness are important topics that apply to almost every sector. You must look out for yourself before you can assist others, no matter where you work or what your background is like. Unfortunately, many individuals struggle to incorporate health and wellbeing into their everyday routines and workplaces. Some people believe they don’t have enough time, whereas others cite a lack of motivation.

You don’t have to work in healthcare to want to hire a health and wellness speaker for your event.

According to studies, employees benefit significantly from wellness programs, and they generally adopt healthier habits as a result. They eat healthier meals in smaller portions, exercise more frequently, smoke less, they do not drink excessively, and they wear seat belts more often. A company’s wellness program may also assist to decrease depression and its symptoms, as well as boosting personal satisfaction. Furthermore, health programs that focus on assisting employees in developing a healthy work-life balance have a beneficial impact on employee productivity and absenteeism at work.

A keynote speaker on workplace health and wellness may be a fantastic way to increase employee wellbeing and provide inspiration and enthusiasm to your audience. To demonstrate that you care about their overall well-being both in and out of the office, have a health and wellness speaker attend your next meeting.
They’ll leave feeling like they can conquer the world if they devote their time and energy to establishing a healthier workplace.


For every $100 invested in mental health interventions, a company sees a return of up to $600 in improved health and productivity of employees.

Workplace mental health interventions build mindfulness for personal growth and healthier decision-making.

Additionally, they boost team morale, attitude, and mindset. Mental health training that strengthens these skills is proven to improve focus and calm during times of conflict and result in strong team dynamics and positive culture.



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