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A small book with a big punch. “Brimming with emotive content that left me reading on the edge of my seat, Klyn’s story of success evokes an unrivaled purity of the heart that stirs up potent visual imagery that is brought to life through words. This is truly the most inspiring story I have read […]

A personal & professional read. “If you aren’t inspired by KLyn’s story, you won’t be inspired by anything. Her personal journey overcoming obstacles most people would find unimaginable, with her compassionate brand of entrepreneurship and joie de vivre, helps remind us what is really important in life.”

What People Say “I thought this was going to be a story just about Cystic Fibrosis and I wasn’t sure I was going to relate; but I was happy that she took it to a higher level, interviewing other great achievers and sharing their knowledge through her story.”

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