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Why Salespeople Talk Too Much and How To Stop It

Salespeople Talk Too Much (And How to Stop) In the last month, I was fortunate enough to have most of my Friday’s open for scheduled creative thinking time.  With my Linkedin account hovering around 30,000 connections, I am no stranger to getting cold connect requests followed by a sales pitch from salespeople that talk too […]

How to Tell Stories that Sell

How to Tell Stories that Sell Storytelling is one of the most underutilized persuasive techniques in our culture. This isn’t just for salespeople, it’s for anyone who has to face rejection; the novelist searching for a publisher, the marketer building a brand, or the parents trying to get their kid to eat vegetables. Storytelling has […]

Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested”

Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested” Many of you who listen to The Truth About Sales podcast, know that I have my master practitioner license in neurolinguistic programming (NLP).  One of the fascinating things about this school of thought, is how it can be applied to not only sales but objection handling. If you […]

How to Sell on Instagram

How to Sell on Instagram If you haven’t set up a business profile on Instagram already, it is time to start. Instagram has over a billion monthly users, with five hundred million people logging onto the platform daily. After Facebook, it has become the largest and most engaging social platform. Across the globe, 65% of […]

Five Social Media Tips For Salespeople

Five Social Media Tips For Your Brand To Implement In 2019 Social media is continually changing and expanding in the blink of an eye. If you had a prosperous social strategy last year, it might not bring you as many good results this year. The noise across social media platforms is a lot louder every […]

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