Predictable Profits CEO Charles Gaudet Interviews Klyn Elsbury

Predictable Profits CEO Charles Gaudet Interviews Klyn Elsbury Show notes from Beyond 7 Figures Podcast by Predictable Profits CEO Charles Gaudet: This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Klyn Elsbury, a corporate sales strategist, talent recruiter, motivational keynote speaker, and 2-time author. Klyn is an inspiring, renowned entrepreneur who has achieved success and written […]

How to Recruit Salespeople w Klyn Elsbury & Greg Doersching

How to Recruit Salespeople on The Truth About Sales with Klyn Elsbury & Greg Doersching How to Recruit Salespeople is one of the top themes in this quarter’s podcast.  So with that, you want to stop what you’re doing, grab some paper and a pen, and listen in to this week’s Truth About Sales Podcast […]

Different Types of Recruiting Agencies

Different Types of Recruiting Agencies There are many different types of recruiting agencies that are dedicated to helping businesses identify, attract, and retain salespeople.  Depending on the type of candidate you are looking for, you may find it better to use a recruitment firm, a staffing firm, an RPO, or a mix.  Below are the […]

What Do We REALLY Need To Do?

Wonderspaces is a pop up art exhibit that was in San Diego this summer. For creatives like myself, it really opens up the imagination and makes you start to think of questions such as…. “What if…” “Why not?” Almost at the end of the exhibit, there was a large mural full of yellow sticky notes, […]

The Happy Factor: Counter – Intuitive Lessons to Ignite High Performance – Oct. 11 Workshop

ARE YOU READY TO LIVE A LIFE OF PLEASURE, PASSION, PURPOSE, AND HAPPINESS? ✅Do you want to unlock your purpose? ✅ Feel more gratitude? ✅Grow in your career?  ✅ Develop stronger relationships with your coworkers and your family? ✅Be happier at work and at home?  Most people spend their entire lives chasing that “one thing” […]

Effective Meetings Or Ineffective Leadership

Ahhhh the dreaded meetings. Why are they always so terrible? If you feel like you’ve been wasting your time attending yet another meeting where big ideas are pushed down your throat and yet, nothing ever seems to happen, fear not. You are not alone. Businesses waste approximately $37 billion on ineffective meetings every year. That’s […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Human beings are a fascinating species. Not only do we have feelings, but we have feelings about our feelings. Think about that. We can feel something about how we feel. How great is that?! It’s great only until how we feel about what we feel impacts how we live. We tell ourselves stories all day. […]

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