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Recruiting and Staffing Speaker



Discover your own unique talents and purpose while inspiring yourself and your team to accomplish seemingly unattainable objectives.


Learn how to break out of fear, stubbornness, and help your team and institution to grow.


Learn how to overcome adversity and tackle obstacles by taking control of your mental health in today’s modern society.


Connect within your organization to generate productivity and exceptional performance while maintaining harmony.

Recruiting and Staffing Speaker - Klyn

Klyn has been hospitalized over 67 times from cystic fibrosis. What she studied inside those hospital walls helped her go from a legally disabled patient on social security disability to an expert in motivating who improves the mindset of those in the healthcare industry.

Along with her 2 best-selling books, I AM ___: The Untold Story of Success and Unstuck Yourself, Klyn Elsbury’s neuroscience-backed strategies help recruiting and staffing agencies and their teams experience mindful leadership.

Her techniques have been used throughout corporate America for 5 years, and through her podcast, training, and keynotes, she reaches 100,000 minds a month!


Recruiting and Staffing Speaker

Klyn Elsbury is obsessed with what it takes to recruit, hire, interview, and train top talent. With 15 years of experience running a recruiting desk, she is acutely aware of the problems hiring managers face and consults for various organizations on how to solve them.

Klyn has keynoted for various staffing conferences and recruiting conferences, such as MKSSA. She has also helped lead panel discussions with experts such as Bob Marshall and Greg Doershing.

Klyn also offers a half-day workshop dedicated to improving the success of companies looking to use recruiting, hiring, and employee engagement for the strategic growth of their organizations, and to ensure future success.

In many companies, hiring decisions are made when there is a critical need for growth in a role and it’s often rushed.

Without having staffing professionals or a hiring or recruiting strategy, employers are faced with a paradox: do they shop when they are hungry for top talent and risk making the wrong hire…?

Or, if not, how do they find the time to create a proactive staffing pipeline for when a crisis occurs?

In her workshop, Klyn explores the critical moments of recruiting a new team member — from the first interview to their first anniversary three-month mark.

You’ll learn how to build a proactive and strategic foundation to ensure offers are accepted and the candidate is the right fit for the role.

Participants learn the five distinct activities that leading companies take during a new hire’s first month on the job to reduce employee turnover and increase engagement and motivation for the workforce.

As a keynote speaker, Klyn breaks down why recruiting professionals do what we do, and recreates the energy and excitement recruiters need to pick up the phones and continue to match careers and candidates.

This inspiring and pragmatic keynote will leave you with a deep profound sense of how to retain the best staff for your business.

Make People More Aware of Hidden Problems

Keynote speakers are well-known for their ability to discuss typical workplace irritations that can wreak havoc between employers and employees. 

This can include fair performance evaluations, adding perks to employee hire packages, and allowing for moderated conversation to work out any problems that have been on the rise but haven’t yet been addressed properly. 

Unite The Office

The proper speech made by the suitable individual may be the difference for an otherwise inactive workforce, which is why hiring keynote speakers might be a wonderful method to energize your workplace or company.

Momentum may be the catalyst for individuals to take new actions, abandon old habits, and repair damaged relationships. Speakers may assist you in making a fresh beginning at your job or simply bring out the best in everyone. 

When unique circumstances cause people to believe their career prospects are threatened, they may simply need an awakening.

Discover New Paths

If your firm has been in first gear for many years, speakers may provide some basic ideas for it to consider. Your keynote speaker might propose methods to think outside the box and collaborate with new concepts that brainstorming can produce.

Nothing beats having an expert show you how to use your current knowledge in new ways. By shifting your company in a new direction, you may continue to stay on budget while repurposing your marketing, sales, and workplace efforts into a more modern, exciting strategy.

This allows you to adapt current trends while remaining grounded in your original company roots.


By the end of her speech, your audience will walk away with a new perspective on what it means to live a healthier, happier life regardless of any hardships, chronic illnesses, or adversity that is being faced. Klyn’s presentation can be tailored to what you would like to focus most on.

Klyn always provides takeaways with a specific schedule and action items so that your audience can implement what they learn at her keynotes, workshops, and conferences.



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