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Author: Klyn Elsbury | Resilience & Mindfulness Expert, Cystic Fibrosis Advocate, Inspirational Speaker

The importance of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace

The importance of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace A recent study found that unhappy and unsatisfied workers can cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion per year. Investing in employees and company culture can help resolve this issue and increase employee happiness, satisfaction, and retention. Employers are coming to the realization that the importance […]

3 Tips for Employers to Support Employee Mental Health

3 Tips for Employers to Support Employee Mental Health Mental health and wellness is a critical part of any workplace culture. In order to maintain a healthy, productive environment, it is important for employers to understand the importance of mental health and provide resources for their employees. There are some simple tools employers can use […]

Functions of The Reticular Activating System

Have you ever noticed when you buy a new vehicle, you see that vehicle everywhere on the road?  This is because of a part of your brain called your reticular activating system.  It’s located above your spinal cord and it’s about two inches long. It’s about the width of a pencil. As it turns out, […]

3 Tips to Experience More Gratitude

3 Tips to Experience More Gratitude There’s been a shift in the past decade where the very technology created to make out lives easier, in fact, has done quite the opposite.  This is why implementing 3 Tips to Experience More Gratitude can be incredibly powerful. Our lives are overwhelmed with it and constantly scrolling to […]

How Your Gut Affects Your Health

This has been one of the busiest months of my life. Not only did Jeff and I just return from 5 weeks on the road, I’ve had six virtual keynotes and two consulting opportunities close. In addition, I am in the process of launching my second book. I noticed one thing though, my sleep was […]

end self sabotage

This next year is going to demand more of you than any of the previous years of your life. Because this is the year, you’re ready Ready to let go the things that held you back The beliefs The relationships The toxicitiy The doubts The self sabotage See when you see your future, you can […]

how to build trust, prioritize your ideas & keep your word

This week on NLP For Entrepreneurs hosted by Klyn Elsbury how to build trust, prioritize your ideas & keep your word I believe the most successful entrepreneurs and sales people understand that when they make plans or have an idea – they act on it. We talk all the time on NLP for Entrepreneurs that […]

How To Create A Successful Visual Branding Strategy For Instagram

If you haven’t set up a business profile on Instagram already, it is time to start. Instagram has over a billion monthly users, with five hundred million people logging onto the platform daily. After Facebook, it has become the largest and most engaging social platform. Across the globe, 65% of Instagram users are between the […]

Four Ways To Brand Your Company On Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool to enhance your company’s online presence. According to Statista, there are 2.77 billion users across social media platforms, and they spend an average of 136 minutes on social media each day. Approximately 90% of U.S. businesses are online with social media business accounts. These facts are motivating more companies to improve their branding techniques […]

When Communication Fails

Today is a tough day. I know all will work out, it always does for me. See it started about two weeks ago when I missed a call from an unknown number and never bothered to check in on it. Then a week ago, knowing I was going out of town to look at wedding […]

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