Summer Newsletter from Klyn Elsbury


Summer Newsletter from Klyn Elsbury

Hey friends,

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The thing about having cystic fibrosis is when I’m feeling well, time passes incredibly fast!

It’s been over a year since my last hospitalization, making it the healthiest year of my life.  I’ve grown up preparing that next year may be my last, and now thanks to God, your prayers and love, and modern medicine, the fear is gone.

During COVID, when all keynotes were canceled, I felt like an 18-year-old trying to decide what college to go to.   Suddenly there was an abundance of options knowing I didn’t have to prep for my funeral, so I wanted to something with my next 50 years that would truly make an impact.

I once read a quote that said in order for a Phoenix to rise from ashes, it must get burned. The prior 68 hospitalizations were my burning and those lessons have been turned into a 3 hour workshop called Wake Up, which I am so excited to share with 100 of my newest closest friends in Chicago in September.


Unstuck Yourself: A 30 Day Proven Sales Playbook that Uses Neuroscience to Improve your Sales Career hit #1 on Amazon! 

Bestselling Books Written By Klyn Elsbury
Bestselling Books Written By Klyn Elsbury

From that, I was asked to present a sales training workshop to teach executives and sales managers how to recruit salespeople, build custom sales playbooks, and what reports to monitor.  I am excited that I have met incredible humans teaching this in Vegas, virtually, and in 6 venues across the US this year!

The Truth About Sales got a new life, and recently I interviewed CEO of Next Level Exchange, Greg Doersching. This week we discussed the 5 reasons salespeople look for a career change and how to capitalize on it.

The Truth About Sales Podcast
The Truth About Sales Podcast


Besides that, Jeff and I have been going to Padres games when they’re in San Diego.  Who’s your team?  I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.  I’ll personally reply to all emails from ya.

Klyn and her fiance, Jeff are Padres Fans
Klyn and her fiance, Jeff are Padres Fans

That’s it for our summer newsletter from Klyn Elsbury.

Sending you love and encouragement and a little reminder that champions are built, not born.

Stay blessed,


Summer Newsletter from Klyn Elsbury

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