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end self sabotage

This next year is going to demand more of you than any of the previous years of your life.

Because this is the year, you’re ready

Ready to let go the things that held you back

  • The beliefs
  • The relationships
  • The toxicitiy
  • The doubts
  • The self sabotage

See when you see your future, you can create it when you see whats possible you can believe it and just for a moment, when you’re about to self sabotage or surrender to disbelief, you remember why you started in the first place

Thoughts are always coming at you, formed from the invisible

Words were put into your head from what you interpreted from the world around you, 126 million bits of information at any moment, 30-50000 thoughts a day

And you’re constantly

  • Deleting
  • Generalizing
  • Distorting them

Confusing yourself, lying to yourself, breaking yourself

It ends

Activate your senses, vakog, now, and allow yourself to see yourself for who you really are as you begin to level up.

Allow yourself to see yourself succeeding

Imagine the way people look up to you

The awards you win, the income you make, the impact you create on the lives of those you love and those who haven’t met you yet

Hear the voices of those who support you

Believe the cries of those who’ve needed you to believe in yourself long enough to transform their lives

Is it a business goal? Are you finally quitting corporate and venturing out on your own

Is it a fitness goal? Is this the year you run your first race, achieve your PR, go on an overnight hiking trip

Is it a relationship goal? Do you put yourself out there and meet who you were suppose to meet

Let me tell you how to world works.

What you see, you create.

What do you see?

Who do you need to become to bring that into your life?

How do you need to level up?

If you’re going to believe anything- believe the things that get you further . believe the image of yourself at the gym everyday, even the days you don’t feel like going. Picking up the weights, challenging your bodies capabilities.

Imagine yourself closing the deal, bringing the income home to your family to celebrate

Imagine yourself takin your independence back and living the life you were born to live.

Self sabotage was so 2019

You were called for 2020, your vision is clear, crystalized concise.

This is your moment, this is your year.

  • See it. Feel it. Hear it.
  • Taste victory.
  • Experience victory.
  • Experience possibility
  • Ignite curiosity

    Believe in yourself, what you were called to do, you potential, your promise to the world.

It’s time.

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end self sabotage

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