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how to build trust, prioritize your ideas & keep your word

This week on NLP For Entrepreneurs hosted by Klyn Elsbury

how to build trust, prioritize your ideas & keep your word

I believe the most successful entrepreneurs and sales people understand that when they make plans or have an idea – they act on it. We talk all the time on NLP for Entrepreneurs that the biggest difference between those who talk and those are successful is how much they walk what they talk… follow me?

In San Diego, there’s something known as the “flake factor”. So many people set a plan to meet up and cancel last minute or no show. I don’t think it’s necessarily that we are surrounded by flakes who aren’t acting with integrity- it’s more we don’t understand the level of commitment to meet.

Additionally, when you have a call with a good coach and ideas come up – you need to understand how to prioritize those ideas into levels to decipher what to act on and what to forget about or postpone.

Everything should be categorized as a commitment level – if not -it’s open to interpretation and unclear expectations lead to lack of trust, communication, and can destroy relationships with others and yourself.

Today’s episode breaks down how to create a plan and know what to do with the abundance of information and tools out there- so you have a system that propels you forward instead of leaving you stuck.

Klyn discusses 5 levels of commitment:

1. Idea-ish

2.  Understanding why the idea is valuable

3. Creating a loose plan

4.  Creating a plan with a scapegoat

5.  Solid AF plan, no back down.

In true Shark School style, we explain all of the different interpretations and HOW you can apply some of the methodologies and principles to your biz asap.

Cuz if you can’t apply this stuff, what’s the point?!

Special mentions:

The client who leveled up her business by letting these principles work for her �| 🧠 | 🦈 | 📈 |


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how to build trust, prioritize your ideas & keep your word

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