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When Communication Fails

Today is a tough day.

I know all will work out, it always does for me.

See it started about two weeks ago when I missed a call from an unknown number and never bothered to check in on it.

Then a week ago, knowing I was going out of town to look at wedding venues, tried to schedule a delivery of the prescription that has limited my hospitalizations.

Apparently, I needed to schedule a blood test.

It takes 2 days to ship the medication after the blood test.

There’s no availability to get the blood work done, have the clinic check on it, then work with the pharmacy to approve it, and then work with delivery to ship the medication out.

It’s been a good 10 phone calls back and forth simply trying to get 5 days of the drug while I’m out of town.

I have now missed 2 doses and am looking at missing a total of 14 doses.

Which means, a hospitalization may be inevitable and while looking at wedding venues, my cough may start to come back and an infection could occur.

And so I sit, wait.

I’d like to think in 2019, quality communication does exist.

The nurses will chat with the doc, to approve an emergency supply of the med, to skip the bullshit, so I don’t risk a hospitalization.

Yet…who knows.

I made it a point to show the good and bad on social media because this is my medium for deepening friendships when I can’t be present.

This is #cysticfibrosis .

This is WHY I fight.

Communication is the most important skill we can foster.

Communication saves lives.

On one hand, this is a post about health.

On another hand, for the entrepreneurs in my feed, take this as a wake up call to look for and listen to any gaps in communication between your customers and processes.

It’s the tiny little details in work flow and prioritizing compassion that make a business thrive.

Analyze your customers journey & fix broken processes that prevent your clients from living their best life.

When Communication Fails

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