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They Will Tell You You CAN’T


❌They will tell you that your new biz is too risky.
❌They will tell you NOBODY makes money on online courses.
❌They will tell you that you aren’t GOOD ENOUGH.
❌They will tell you that you NEED to pay developers THOUSANDS.
❌They will tell you you WILL NOT profit for months, maybe even years.
❌They will tell you selling on SOCIAL MEDIA is impossible.
❌They will tell you to go find a REAL JOB.
❌They will tell you that your biz is a HOBBY not a BIZ.
❌They will laugh.
❌They will roll their eyes.
❌They will tell you that NOBODY pays speakers fees anymore.
❌They will tell you that book sales are DECLINING.
❌They will tell you that you CHARGE too much.
❌They will tell you that your ideas aren’t FEASIBLE.
❌Your marketing is OUTDATED.
❌Your brand isn’t RELATABLE.
❌They will tell you all sorts of things when you start your business.

And you need to THANK THEM.

Then move the heck on because you’re going to DO IT ANYWAYS.

And then, when they ask you how you did it…

You’re going to charge them DOUBLE what they’ve EVER paid anyone else because YOU PROVED the IMPOSSIBLE could become your TRUTH.

And you’re going to ACHIEVE it in RECORD TIME.

Drop a 🦈 if you refuse to give up on your dreams.

They Will Tell You You CAN’T

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