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What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

You can take the quiz here. It’s less than 60 seconds! ⠀⠀⠀⠀

🚨Wanna know your style? 🚨

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs now for awhile and have discovered there are 4 unique personality styles that influence not only HOW they work with clients, it also shares WHAT their hidden potential and talents are.

See, most of us start out wanting our own biz because we have a burning desire to help others.

And that’s not BAD.

Where we get off course, is we pick the wrong strategy for our personality 🤯 🤯


❌ we are left scratching our heads when our biz idea’s don’t work

❌ we have difficulty finding and identifying our ideal CLIENTS

❌ some months we FEAST others we FAMINE

❌ we get caught up on details that don’t MATTER

❌ and that bottle of wine looks ridiculously tempting on a Tuesday at noon…

Been there?

I have.

IF you have a BURNING PASSION to help others with your innate talents, to TRANSFORM and CHANGE lives – then you need to check out my quiz to discover your:

✅ Dominant style

✅ What your SUPER POWER is

✅ Where you STRUGGLE

✅ Ideas that work with YOUR SUPER POWER

✅ Suggestions to IMPROVE your business

You can take the quiz here. It’s less than 60 seconds!

You got this.


What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

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