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15 Things All Marketers Should Do to Be Effective

The last month, I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in Forbes several times.

As many of you know, I’ve honed in on my passion for combining social media and sales by creating Shark School – an online course that helps entrepreneurs get ROI from their social media efforts.

And when you find your true path, life unfolds.

Marketing has numerous elements to it, and often times there are important skills and habits that are overlooked. In order to be an effective marketer, it may be obvious that you should be proficient in SEO, social media and ROI, but that’s simply just scratching the surface. 

We’ve asked 15 experts from YEC to share what they think are some of the most important things you should do — whether they are habits, certifications to obtain or skills to refine — to help ensure your marketing skills are top-notch. See what they have to say here. 

Read the rest of the article on Forbes by clicking here:

15 Things All Marketers Should Do to Be Effective

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