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The #1 Thing

THIS is the #1 thing

I’ve met a lot of ridiculously wealthy people.  Some were genuinely happy and fulfilled, some weren’t.  

I wrote my book because when I was hospitalized due to complications of cystic fibrosis, I wanted to believe there was more to life than what my prognosis was.  

It sounds cheesy af, but I truly believed I was made for more than my diagnosis. 

Even when my lungs were at 34% lung function.  

I didn’t like being disabled. 
I didn’t like not knowing if I could ever work again. 
I effin hated that I just didn’t know what step 1 was. 
I just knew whatever it was, I’d take it when I found it.

Eventually, if you’re seeing this, you know that I am now on a pharmaceutical drug that has slowed the progression of this disease, and even though my book has sold over 4000 copies and I keynote all over the world-  deep down inside, I still believe I’m made for more.  

What about you?  

What are you made for?
What excites you? What’s that BIG dream you have that you can see becoming reality- despite whatever bs you’re going through? 

I wanted to be a keynote speaker, coach, author and social media influencer.

But, honestly, I was afraid once I started to achieve these things, I wouldn’t be happy. 

After I booked the biggest keynote of my life, I did the inner work needed so I wouldn’t become the wealthy person who is pissed off at life.  And I learned this #1 thing …. 

So go and watch this today.  

Many people mess this up. 

They get to a level of success but aren’t happy.

I’m here for you.

@Klyn Elsbury

The #1 Thing

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