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Klyn’s Book Recommendations for 2019

It’s been said the average CEO reads 60 books a year.

Last year, I was impressed I was able to get through 24.

This year, I obviously blasted 24 and really took the time to learn what I needed to learn to help others.

Every keynote I’m fortunate to be able to do, the energy comes from what I have been fueling my mind with.

You can’t have a high quality workout if you got drunk the night before. You can’t have a high quality performance if you aren’t feeding your brain correctly.

2019’s theme is FORTITUDE.

The reading list is already being compiled and sent to 4 incredibly inspirational souls who have agreed to be on the Board of Directors for My Life.

Preventing me from self-sabotage, holding me accountable with the highest of standards, and pushing me to help more people in more efficient ways.

DO you have your plan for 2019? Is it a well thought out plan or is it just thrown together as a “let’s see what happens?”

It’s been said there are two types of people.

Person A wakes up, hits the gym for an hour, thinks, “Well I did a great workout, I’m happy.”

Person B wakes up, thinks, what will it take to make a great workout and add 10% improvement on my lifts? Then does that thing.

Which person are you?

Are you attacking your future or settling for what shows up?

Let 2019 be YOUR year.

Completed for 2018 were:

1. Tony Robbins – Unlimited Power
2. Kevin Hart- Autobiography
3. Amy Schumer- Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
4. Shoe Dog- Phil Knight
5. Get Noticed Be Remembered Krista Clive-Smith
6. Audacity of Hope – Obama
7. Strong by Khloe Kardashian
8. Good to Great – Jim Collins
9. Braving the Wilderness-
10. Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life
11. Touch the Top of the World- Erik Weihenmayer
12. Becoming by Michelle Obama
13. Girl Wash Your Face- Rachel Hollis
14. Randy Pausch- Last Lecture
15. Mindhacking – Sir John Hargrove
16. Unfuck Yourself
17. Crush It
18. Go for No
19. Crushing It
20. Launch a Podcast- John Lee Dumas
21. Story by Robert McKee
22. Way of the Wolf- Jordan Belfort
23. Lean In-
24. Hyper Sales Growth – Jack Daly
25. Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg
26. Neil Strauss The Truth
27. Big Magic –
28. Emotional Intelligence 2.0
29. The Ultimate Sales Letter
30. Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule
31. Emotional Intelligence- Daniel Goleman
32. Delivering Happiness- Tony Hseih
33. The Sales Playbook – John Daly
34. Sell of Be Sold- Grant Cardone
35. Harvard Business Review- Mental Toughness
36. The Habit Factor- Martin Grunburg
37. Silver Bullet Selling – G.A. Bartick
38. A Coach and a Miracle- Jim Johnson
39. Love in the Workplace David Mammano


1. Tony Robbins UPW
2. City Summit
3. YEC
4. Activated
5. NLP Certification
6. Jack Daly Success Summit

What books do you recommend I read for 2019?

Klyn’s Book Recommendations for 2019

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