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The Power of Story Telling in Sales

I read a quote once about how entrepreneurship is believing in a vision that nobody can see but you.

Do you have that vision?

Is there someone close to you who constantly ridicules you, makes you feel inferior, questions your big picture, says something isn’t possible?

We all have them.

There are all kinds of statistics that prove that your network determines your net worth. Although a true statement, I find the concept of net worth to be slightly lack luster.

I want a net social worth, or like, something similar.

I want the quality of my life to be determined by how many people love me without abandon. How many people think, “because of her, my life is greater.”

And I have visions.

I am great at 3 things, tops.

And by great, I mean, a true master.

Storytelling, sales, and pattern recognition.

You see, the rest, I trained relentlessly on. Days of podcasts listened to, people I’ve interviewed, scholarly journals I’ve analyzed, books I’ve taken copious amounts of notes on, seminars I’ve feverishly attended.


When I have an idea, albeit sometimes dramatic and creative, I have a point to that idea.

One thing I am not great at, is brevity.

Go to a Tony Robbins event, or any seminar, you’ll find the teacher spends 90% of the time story telling and 10% of the time actually teaching.

Why do you think that is?

A well crafted story can release powerful chemicals to build rapport, garner trust, create empathy.

Statistics show, salespeople who tell mostly stories in 2-3 minute chunks per objections, close deals 96% more often than those who don’t.

And yet…sometimes… I take an audience by telling only stories.

From a story, they can draw their own conclusions.

There isn’t a clearly defined powerpoint of outlined concepts.

Some audiences find this distracting. “Get to the point!” They think.

If someone is inflexible in their thinking, they tend to only want the bullet points and not the ideology. Studies show, story telling brings people into the experience and creates a link between the conscious brain and the unconscious brain. The bullet points simply aren’t as effective.

Nonetheless, in a recent case study of companies I’ve worked with, those who on the phone could tell more stories leading to higher levels of oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine released, had higher sales closing and higher volume of sales than the other 80% of reps combined!!!

And then here we are….

When you have an idea, a story or a general pattern recognition, what do you do when those closest to you don’t get it?

Or worse…they insult it.

They ridicule it?

They say others hate it?

They can’t tolerate it?

You listen to the aggregate data.

Ask the facts. How many people agree vs. disagree with the naysayer?

DO you have an income to back up the negativity through the positivity?

DO you tend to have more people in your tribe than silently rooting for your demise?

That’s market indication.

Let me be VERY CLEAR. If the market data proves otherwise, then the negative person simply has a limiting belief. And those limiting beliefs are a reflection of what they couldn’t do…not what you can’t do. That’s them saying, “Your goals are ridiculous because I couldn’t pull them off myself.”

That’s them declaring, “You’re worthless and inadequate because I couldn’t make what you’ve accomplished feasible.”

Don’t trust the outlier who is confused.

Trust the masses who trust on you.

And if you want to one up the negative nancy, love them anyways. Do not concentrate on their negativity, derailing your vision…concentrate on what they do right. Concentrate on why you brought them into your life in the first place…concentrate on who they are – not necessarily the fact that they can’t necessarily see the vision you see…

After all, only you know what’s possible.

With love,


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The Power of Story Telling in Sales

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