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How to Create a Job Description

Search Parameters

When hiring for a new position, it’s imperative to create effective search parameters to guide you through the search process. Not only does this enable you to identify a qualified, high-level candidate, it will also help you to disqualify candidates whom wouldn’t be an ideal fit. Creating effective search parameters can be a daunting, detailed process. However, they will save you time and headaches in the long run. Through this lesson, you will be walked through the specific questions to ask those involved in the hiring process to ensure that you are able to identify high- achievers to join your team. ‘

First things first: Before jumping head first into creating a job description, make sure that you take time to decide who should be included in the brainstorming process. It’s crucial that everyone who’s involved in the hiring process is asked these questions; this eliminates miscommunication or wasted time.

Search Parameter Questions:

Job Title

Try to agree on a job title that is specific and identifiable

You can have an internal title that is catered to your particular business, but so far as the

working title goes when hiring, keep it general so potential candidates can relate

Job Description

a. This should be a brief summary of what you’re looking for/what the job entails

Day in the Life

What would a day in the life of the position look like?

Will the candidate have a very stringent schedule or will the needs and role evolve


What can the candidate expect on a daily basis

Required Skillset

a. b.

5. Years a. b. c. d.

What are the non-negotiable skills that a candidate for this position must have? Make sure to go over criteria such as:




Specific programs they need to be familiar with

Computer proficiency

of Experience

How many years of experience must the candidate have? How flexible are you?
If the candidate has college experience, does that suffice? What specific experience is mandatory?

6. Absolute Deal Killers

What things would deter you from hiring a candidate?

Consider things such as:

7. Red flags

a. b.

c. 8. Green a. b.

What are specific things that would make you hesitant in regards to a candidate? Consider things such as:

The candidate was making considerably more or less in their last positions

The candidate would be driving 30+ minutes

The candidate talks about their previous positions and/or bosses in an unsavory manner

Remember, if it makes sense it makes sense and if it doesn’t it doesn’t Lights

A green light are specific things that give you “warm fuzzies” about the candidate Consider things such as:

Candidates who openly admit to reading books that relate to the field

Candidates who have a great phone presence


Candidates who respond in a timely manner

Job hoppers

Someone who hasn’t worked in 6 or more months

Gaps in job history

Poor grammar on resume

v. Candidates who are articulate and able to clearly explain their past positions

Ideal Personality

What personality type would best fit in this position?

What personality type wouldn’t work in this position?

Salary and Intrinsic/Extrinsic benefits

a. What is the salary range
i. Is there any flexibility?

What are the intrinsic benefits?

What opportunities are there for personal achievement?

What opportunities are there for professional growth?

Is there professional development offered?

What are the extrinsic benefits?

Does your company offer bonuses?

What paid time off is offered?

What benefits does the company offer?

11. The Big 3
a. Describe what ways you can attract the candidates based off your:


Leadership Team


12. Competitors

a. What competitors do you have

Would ideal candidates come from your competitors?

Are there any companies you’d like to see candidates from?

13. Start Date

Ideally, when do you want someone to start this position?

Will you allow candidates to put in a notice with their current job?

14. Interviews

Identify when you plan to have interviews scheduled by

What day(s) would you ideally like to have the interviews

What will the interview process look like?

Who will be involved in the interview process

15. 30/60/90

What needs to happen in the first 30/60/90 days for the candidate to be successful?

What will the training process look like?

Once you’ve identified thorough answers to the above questions, you’re on your way to creating a highly effective job description and ad. The search parameters will be the backbone of your search. They will help to ensure that your hiring team is on the same page, and that you have detailed criteria to guide you in the hiring process.

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How to Create a Job Description

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