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Hiring Sales People: Steps for Success

Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

The hiring manager is required to bring in the best candidate for the job. That being said, there are common mistakes that hiring managers make. Most of these mistakes are easily avoidable and preventing them will help you greatly.

Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Mistake #1:
Know-It-When-They-See-It Mindset

Often times, hiring managers don’t take the time to really delve into what type of

candidate they need to hire (you need a search parameter form, which we will give you a little later on in a blog). They avoid creating a detailed search parameter and hire the

first person that they think clicks, even if there are glaring red flags.

Personality wise, a candidate can seem spot on, however they have to be asked specific

questions to ensure that they are the best candidate for the position.

Don’t hesitate to get specific and detailed on the questions you ask.
I tend to personally focus less on the why behind what a candidate says, but on the how.

How can they help the problem I am trying to solve?

Specifically in their previous work, how have they fixed a situation?

How did they approach their day? Etc.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean that positions should take a long time to fill or should be filled

immediately – but when a hiring manager is clear on what they are looking for, when

they find someone who fits that criterion, they can quickly make that decision.

Mistake #2

Hiring for what the position could be, not what it currently is.

Hiring managers often consider the direction in which the position will be going, rather than looking at what the initial position is.

It is important to have vision for the role, especially as more millennials enter the workforce as statistically their primary motivator is job growth. The majority of millennials like to know where the position will go, what it could be, but that doesn’t detract from the work needed today to get it to where it could be in a year.

Mistake #3

Expecting a “Perfect Fit”

No matter how much time you spend trying to find the “ideal” candidate, NO candidate is

perfect! There won’t be a candidate that will smoothly fit into every criteria you have, simultaneously get along with all current employees, and vow to be a dedicated long-term employee.

Be flexible, if you see a candidate with 80% of what you’re looking for, give them a

chance. You can train on some of the technical skills, you can’t train character.

Test the candidate throughout the interview process for character flaws. Example, if you set an interview time for 3:12 pm and the candidate is late, it could be a sign they will consistently be late. If a sales representative is going to have a phone interview, accidentally forget to pick up and test to see the quality of their voicemails, especially if they will be leaving voicemails to potential prospects.

Most candidates do not work out due to cultural fit, emotional intelligence, temperament,

and inability to accept coaching- so if they have 80% of the skills and a hiring manager has identified they have a winning personality, hire them.

Mistake #4
Avoid Boring Job Ads

The hiring manager must put up a job ad that draws candidates to apply

Make sure to SELL the job (and not just TELL), this will encourage the high caliber candidates to apply and create a sense of urgency/excitement

Mistake #5
Being Inefficient

As you look through a stack of resumes, assuming you’ve done the work to find out what specifically you are looking for, follow my rule of 3.

Look for 3 red flags, once found, toss the resume aside. Now, if these red flags are something you can work with, keep it in the “maybe” pile and then start searching the “maybe” pile for green lights.

Mistake #6

Only Recruiting When there Is a Vacancy

It’s important to have a virtual bench of candidates, this will alleviate stress if an employee suddenly quits or if your business needs change due to increased business. Sports teams don’t just recruit when they need an athlete, they are constantly and consistently recruiting- a solid company does the same thing.

Consider your hiring process; do you make any of these common mistakes? If so, what can you do to avoid these pitfalls and, in turn, achieve better business results?

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Hiring Sales People: Steps for Success

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