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When A Prospect Says, “No Need”

I’ve been coaching executives and sales people for about a year now, not something I have openly advertised. It just kind of happened after I started speaking, people wanted more clarity in their lives, to stop self-sabotage, eliminate internal conflicts.

At first, I wasn’t sure coaching was something I should be doing.

After studying NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and seeing how it can help others, I hit a moment of no-return and decided to really launch into this aspect of my career.

Currently, I have 9 people in my programs.

I’m known for being a “tough love” kind of coach. Although I help others to reach their own conclusions, I’m not opposed to putting on a consultant hat and guiding them directly through the process.

Yet, here’s the struggle and ugly truth.

A lot of the sales people work with me on objection handling. At first, when we take this on, people tell me that their customers have hundreds of objections to why they shouldn’t buy their product.


Let’s boil it down.

Either the customer is happy where they are at, doesn’t like you or your company/product, location, price, and ….wait…I’m drawing a blank on what the others are.

On rare calls, I will have a sales people say to me, “But Klyn, isn’t it an objection if they customer says they have no need for your product?”


That means you are wasting your time selling to someone who doesn’t care or have a need for what you are selling.

Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to work on other warm-leads or build relationships rather than sell?

Even if you know your product can help them, there’s no point in trying to sell if they aren’t open to it.

Case in point, a current coaching client of mine…

We can all agree that not everyone in the world is focused on growth. I am obsessed with it. I’m always learning, growing, pushing myself. Yet there are others who don’t really want to. On the surface, they talk a big game. They want improvement. They want success.

Yet, they show up to meetings late.
Or they don’t respond to emails.

Or they are combative when offering feedback.

Or they are slow to implement, if they implement at all.

And eventually, as I tried to help them, I realized, they are the essential “no need customer”.

I can’t change someones interpretation of what success means.

They have an internal representation system of what they want their life to look like and no amount of coaching from myself, dictated by their boss, can help.

They are happy with the standards they have set for their lives.

No need.

Never try to sell when someone has no need.
It’s a “sunk” activity.
It creates poor time management, annoyance, and overall less productivity.

Focus on what works and keep on that grind.

You’ve got this.

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When A Prospect Says, “No Need”

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