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How To Manage Your Time

So for about 2 years now, every year, I complete my master vision list.

It includes several categories of my life and my direction that I want those categories to go in the upcoming year.


Because insurance companies say that my days lived already are more than my days left.

And we all only have 168 hours a week.

What are we doing with them?

Are we waking up excited to pursue our potential or are we just kind of in the grind? You know the grind… wake up… eat…go to work…eat…drive home…gym… maybe gym (let’s be real)…hang with family…go to bed…

If that feels like your life and you’re wondering what the point of all this is- it’s because you are not being proactive about your life.

Identify your categories of your life that are SUPREMELY important to you.

My major categorical breakdowns include:

A. Homesweet Home

B. Health and Beauty

C. Travel/Experiences

D. Membership/ Events/ Influencers


F. Reading List

G. Business Growth

H. Writing Goals

I. Business Goals

J. Speaking Goals

And create a yearly theme:

Example of mine: What you focus on, you experience. The fastest way to change your state, is to change your focus.

Then track it! I have an excel spreadsheet once a month I track things on. I schedule a calendar invite to myself that reminds me.

As I look forward to next year – I reflect on what needs updated and what needs scheduled more so I get it done.

Too often I feel we are running around putting out fires instead of proactively tackling and scheduling them.

I advise you strongly to pick your 5-7 categories of life and fill them with all the things that are important to you. Then, schedule it out. And act on that schedule. Track that schedule.

I’m frequently asked how I do so much all the time, even though I spend about 3 months a year in the hospital…

I’m a raving lunatic when it comes to time management and my goals.

Want to increase the amount of time you have with your family?

Grow your business?

Improve your sales?

Create your Master Vision List and get to it!

Below is mine.

I challenge you to send me yours! BONUS: If you do- I will give you a 1 hour FREE coaching call. Yes- it’s that important for me to know you are making the steps to change your life.



a. Treat Jeff to something unique 1x/month (cooking course/couples massage)

b. 1 social activity every month w a friend


a. Fit and Healthy; no set weight requirement

b. 6 months hospital free

c. 4x week lifting

d. 3x week cardio

e. Sprint Triathlon

f. Dance class again

g. 5k

h. Fix cavities

i. Vision check

j. During week eat same, well balanced, clean meals – 70% vegetarian

k. Find hair color/style that’s manageable and professional


a. Park city- YEC Escape

b. Deep sea fishing

c. City Summit and City Gala

d. VIP in Vegas w Lisa

e. VIP in Vegas w Miriam

f. Maui w Jeff

g. Cabo

h. Costa Rica

i. Dallas

j. Iceland

k. Alaska

l. New York

m. York

n. Amsterdam

o. Wine tour through Temecula or Napa Valley

p. Germany

q. Palm Desert

r. Sailing

s. Catalina Island

t. Yosemite

u. Safari Park

v. Hot Air Balloon


a. Actively chat w 1 member YEC or EO per week; build relationships

b. Reach out to Amy Purdy


a. New recipe every month

b. Maintain a clean and happy environment


i. Never Split the Difference

ii. Tony Robbins – Unlimited Power

iii. Kevin Hart- Autobiography

iv. Amy Schumer- Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

v. Shoe Dog- Phil Knight

vi. Tony Robbins- Money Master Game

vii. Get Noticed Be Remembered

viii. Good to Great – Jim Collins

ix. Braving the Wilderness

x. Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life

xi. Touch the Top of the World- Erik Weihenmayer

xii. Girl Wash Your Face- Rachel Hollis

xiii. Randy Pausch- Last Lecture

xiv. Mindhacking – Sir John Hargrove

xv. Unfuck Yourself

xvi. Crush It

xvii. Crushing It

xviii. Launch a Podcast- JLD

xix. Story by Robert McKee

xx. Way of the Wolf- Jordan Belfort

xxi. Lean In

xxii. Option B

xxiii. Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg

xxiv. Neil Strauss The Truth

xxv. Only the Paranoid Survive – Andrew Grove

xxvi. Big Magic

xxvii. Jordan Petersons 12 Rules for Living

xxviii. Arianna Huffington- Thrive

xxix. Emotional Intelligence 2.0

xxx. No Barriers- Erik Weihenmayer

xxxi. The Ultimate Sales Letter

xxxii. Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule

xxxiii. Emotional Intelligence- Daniel Coleman

xxxiv. Delivering Happiness- Tony Hseih

a. Growth Hacking Conference

b. City Summit Conference

c. Tony Robbins UPW

d. Tony Robbins Business Mastery

e. NLP Certification
General Prac
Master Prac

f. Jack Daly Success Summit

G. BUSINESS GROWTH: Landmark Makers

A. Social media 100,000 followers combined
B. Finish 10 searches/year – Patrick & Declan

i. Becker

1. AE

ii. Jeff Everage

iii. Jim Hernandez-

iiii. Secretary

iv. Jeff- Claims

v. Jeff- Pablo

vi. Marketing Specialist

H. WRITING GOALS for Landmark Makers

a. Write 12 articles/ contributor to Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Co, Huff Po

b. Publish 2 Ebooks on Amazon

i. How to Identify, Attract, Retain High Achievers

c. Start online webinar for recruiting training

d. Audible

I. BUSINESS GOALS for Miss Klyn Foundation

a. 36 PAID speaking gigs/year

b. Listed to multiple speaking bureaus

c. International PAID speaking gig

J. WRITING GOALS for Miss Klyn

a. Start 2nd book; personal dev focused – The Adversity Advantage

b. Academy Award winning screenplay

c. 4 Speeches written

i. Vision-

ii. Habits

iii. Happiness

iv. Life. All in.


a. 20 podcasts/year

1. Live on Purpose w Dr. Jenkins

2. Women Killing It

3. Renegade Recruiter

4. Bulletproof Entrepreneur

5. Authors on Fire

6. Cycling Magazine

7. Julie Ducharme- Radio Show

8. Avanti Entrepreneur- David Mammano

9. Mindhack

10. Christian Radio station

11. Joey Kercher- experiential marketing

12. Yitzi article on Thrive

13. Christian Radio w Jeff Blanton

b. 12 Public Speaking Gigs for Inspiration

1. Palm Desert Conference for Women

2. Huntington Beach EO

3. May 4th – EO Minnesota Proactive Pipeline

4. Poway Kiwinis Meeting April 5th

5. Dimension Development Feb 22nd

6. June 14th Rancho Bernardo Business Women

7. Recruiting Chat March 30th- Rhino Roundtable

8. Darrah’s Virtual Summit

9. XCentrix St. Louis

10. Aug 28th Hafa Las. Vegas

11. Kansas City

12. Tower23 Management Team

13. Waddel construction

What you focus on, you experience. The fastest way to change your state, is to change your focus.

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How To Manage Your Time

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