How One Company Grew 28,000% (& You Can Too)

I met Jack Daly about 3 years ago when he was keynoting an event for the Entrepreneur’s Organization.

I was captivated in the audience thinking, “This guy doesn’t know it yet- but we’re going to be friends one day.”

At the time, I was living off of social security & disability due to complications of Cystic Fibrosis and diabetes.

I had just started my first company in hopes to get off the system and into what I affectionally dub “being a badass”.

I introduced myself & over time, we stayed in contact and build a friendship. He’s been a go-to call for me a few times when my business was changing and I was finding my true path. When I didn’t know what steps to take or how to negotiate price, he gave me advice. He’s been an incredible mentor as I figure it out.

Recently…he invited me to attend his sales and management summit in San Diego – he has them nationwide (hint hint, friends).

And I left after two days with 68 action items and a cramped hand full of notes.

I believe everyone you meet has potential to change your life.

And this sales genius- is perhaps one of my biggest drivers of that change. If you’ve ever thought- “I want to improve my sales techniques” or “how to I become the type of CEO my employees want to have around?” or “How do I improve top line revenue by 28,400%?”


Don’t think.


And the sooner you go, the better you and your business will be.

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1. I AM ____: The Untold Story of Success -best-selling book that went viral in 2016; it takes real-life stories of successful influencers during their darkest times and puts it against the backstory of dealing with the terminal illness, Cystic Fibrosis.

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How One Company Grew 28,000% (& You Can Too)

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