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Why Vision is Important

There’s a process called the Dickens process that can dramatically alter your perception of your reality. 

Right now… 

Think of 2-3 habits that you have, that you know deep down aren’t very good for you.  

Got it?  

Okay… it’s never a comfortable experience to pick apart where our flaws are.  It’s necessary for growth – but frankly, sucks to actually do. 

As part of my commitment to helping you create a life that you are proud of, I will be completely transparent and authentic. 

That means…sharing stuff that proves I’m not perfect.  

Going back, here’s one of my habits that I’m not particularly proud of… 

1.  Lack of dedication to fitness 

I lift about 3 days a week and do cardio about 2. 
But I know dang well I am not actually pushing myself the way I need to.  

Am I progressing the weight I lift each time?  Nope. 
I’m just kind of going through the motions. 

Is my cardio as hardcore as it could be?  Nope. 
I’m simply checking it off a list.  

Then I think back to the Dickens process. 
Basically, I think of what my lack of dedication is REALLY doing to my future. 

If this keeps up…what is really going to happen? 
Well… my lungs will be more prone to infections. 
I’ll gain weight. 
I won’t have the energy to do all I need/want to do. 
My relationships could suffer if I don’t have the energy to sustain them. 
My self esteem will start to dwindle. 

But so what?  

3-4 months from now, that won’t be a big deal. We’ve heard of the frog in the pot will stay in the pot, even though the water is starting to boil.  

But once it’s actually boiling, because it got use to the gradual heat increase, it will die.  The frog doesn’t even realize it needs to jump out to save it’s own life because the changing water temperature was so gradual… 

Right now. 
I’m the dumb frog.  

Why am I admitting this? 
Because 3-4 months from now, it won’t make a difference. 

But using the Dickens process, I imagine what happens in a year from now… when the water is essentially boiling. 

1. Increased hospitalizations could result in permanent lung failure. 
2. Gaining more weight could spike diabetes and cause permanent flare up. 
3. Increased hospitalizations = less speaking/ less sales training 
4. More strain on personal relationships 
5. My self-esteem plummets and the downward spiral begins. 


That wasn’t fun to type nor to think about. 
Are you thinking of your seemingly tiny bad habits yet and what that could look like a year from now? 

When you have that kind of an epiphany, your dreams take flight. 

After I realized my faults, I set a dream so large frankly I am not sure if it can be done. 

It’s a mountain of a dream. 

Hiking half dome in Yosemite. 

Is it possible?  

That’s not the point.   The point is, to work towards it, my entire bad habit construct MUST change.  

Training could decrease hospitalizations, help me better manage diabetes, give me MORE energy to serve you, improve relationships, and of course – my ego will be even more out of check a year from now.  

That’s worth the pain of admitting where I’m messing up.  
That’s a future worth working towards. 

As we go about closing a deal, training for a fitness goal, losing weight, quitting smoking, be a better parent, take the time to figure out what in that category needs changed. 

What bad habits are destroying your life?  

And then find the exact opposite.  

It’s tough but so is waking up one day wondering what happened to your life and why you never felt the boiling water, 

Do it, 


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Why Vision is Important

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