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Power of Momentum


Darren Hardy wrote a book a few years back called, The Compound Effect.  

It’s a must-read for anyone who ever questions the direction their life is going. 

It changed my life when I was laying in a hospital bed not sure if I would live long enough to ever have a career or be healthy enough to see my 30th birthday.  

Recently, I met Darren at an event. 

We chatted about all things momentum and what the super successful people do that others frankly, don’t. 

We’ve all heard of the butterfly effect, right?

Something about a butterfly flapping it’s wings in China has the power to eradicate poverty in India (google it for a better representation – I’m a big picture gal).

 Nonetheless, the point is, the small things we do every single day make massive impact on the trajectory of our lives.

That call you put off an extra 24 hours? Yup…you guessed it- the mentality between putting things for tomorrow that you could do today is partly why your sales numbers aren’t where you want them to be.

The person you were too shy to say “hello” to or strike up a conversation?  That fear is the same thing holding you back from making a connection that could change the trajectory of your life. 

Recently, there was a GREAT salesman who was scheduled for training.  They landed a giant sale, then jumped immediately on a call to close the next deal. 

Half hour past their scheduled training time, they come in to share what was going on and happily wanted to sit down for the remained of their 1×1. 

What do you think I told this person? 

1) Let’s reschedule for another time?
2) You should not have been late to training? 
3) Forget it this week, capitalize on the momentum?  

Got your answer?



Capitalize on your momentum. 

When momentum happens, especially positive- chemicals in your brain are released and you tap into even greater potential.  

The statistical likelihood it continues is pretty high. 

And that feeling can go over into the next day, the next week, the next month… 

Momentum is everything. 

If you are closing deals, if you are winning at something outside of the office, DO NOT take a break. 

DO NOT stop and wander around without intention. 

Capitalize on that moment. 
Miss training. 

I can’t teach momentum. 
I can’t teach the butterfly effect. 

It’s something to experience and run with.  
I mean…fly with. 

Never stop momentum when it comes. 

For those of you wondering what to do when you’re in a negative cycle- maybe sales are slow or there’s drama in life…. that’s when you stop. 

Usually, that’s an indication that you need more training or you have a blindspot preventing you from a breakthrough. 

A good friend or coach can see your blindspots and point them out in a constructive way to stop the downward spiral and get you back into the winning attitude. 

And pay attention to the wins. 

What you give energy to- grows. 

If you are having a bad day, and you think about how bad it is- guess what? Yup. It’s going to get worse. 

But give your energy to the fact you had a safe commute, there’s a roof over your head, the coffee was hot, you felt inspired- and relish in those moments.  

They can pull you out of the funk. 

Is it easy? no. 

Frankly- it’s fun to be negative sometimes. 
Side note: when I have a night alone I watch lifetime movies and cry for fun.   

Because emotional releases are intelligent and a 2-3 hour binge watch / drama fueled cry session works for me.  

And then I go back to focusing on what I want, creating goals, and recapping wins. 

Find what works for you to get you momentum and pull you out of negative spirals.

Because that’s what gets you places. 
That’s what crushes goals.

– You’ve got this, 


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Power of Momentum

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