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Month: October 2018

When A Prospect Says, “No Need”

I’ve been coaching executives and sales people for about a year now, not something I have openly advertised. It just kind of happened after I started speaking, people wanted more clarity in their lives, to stop self-sabotage, eliminate internal conflicts. At first, I wasn’t sure coaching was something I should be doing. After studying NLP […]

How To Manage Your Time

So for about 2 years now, every year, I complete my master vision list. It includes several categories of my life and my direction that I want those categories to go in the upcoming year. Why? Because insurance companies say that my days lived already are more than my days left. And we all only […]

How One Company Grew 28,000% (& You Can Too)

I met Jack Daly about 3 years ago when he was keynoting an event for the Entrepreneur’s Organization. I was captivated in the audience thinking, “This guy doesn’t know it yet- but we’re going to be friends one day.” At the time, I was living off of social security & disability due to complications of […]

Why Vision is Important

There’s a process called the Dickens process that can dramatically alter your perception of your reality.  Right now…  Think of 2-3 habits that you have, that you know deep down aren’t very good for you.   Got it?   Okay… it’s never a comfortable experience to pick apart where our flaws are.  It’s necessary for growth – […]

Power of Momentum

  Darren Hardy wrote a book a few years back called, The Compound Effect.   It’s a must-read for anyone who ever questions the direction their life is going.  It changed my life when I was laying in a hospital bed not sure if I would live long enough to ever have a career or be […]

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