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What Do We REALLY Need To Do?

Wonderspaces is a pop up art exhibit that was in San Diego this summer.

For creatives like myself, it really opens up the imagination and makes you start to think of questions such as….

“What if…”
“Why not?”

Almost at the end of the exhibit, there was a large mural full of yellow sticky notes, and in the design were the words “TO DO” in pink sticky notes.

Great placement.

As I was leaving, of course my head was full of all the things I had to do by the end of the day.

The never ending errands and tasks that take up my life, sometimes seemingly holding me back.

But then I thought to myself, what do I actually have to do?

Not just need to, want to, but absolutely must do.

And when that moment hit, I realized… my answer was to love and give love.

What else really is there in life?

  • Money comes and goes.
  • Errands can be outsourced.
  • Tasks can be modified.

But love can last forever and change lives.

What’s on your to do list?


Want Even More?

1. I AM ____: The Untold Story of Success is my best-selling book that went viral in 2016; it takes real-life stories of successful influencers during their darkest times and puts it against the backstory of dealing with the terminal illness, Cystic Fibrosis.

2. The Happy Factor: Counter-Intuitive Strategies for Lasting Happiness is coming to San Diego on October 11th. This 1 day workshop promises to:
Help you unlock your purpose and discover your why

Feel more gratitude

Grow in your career 

Develop stronger relationships with your coworkers and your family

Be happier at work and at home

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What Do We REALLY Need To Do?

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