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What’s Your “Default” Mood?

Have you ever paid attention to what mood you’re in most?

We all have that one friend who is permanently pissed off.

And that friend who cracks themselves up at jokes they tell themselves, that aren’t even funny.

Can you think of that person, who no matter what happens, sees the negative of a situation?

They could have gotten a lottery ticket as a Christmas gift, won a million dollars, then complained about all the taxes they had to pay.

We all have default settings that we carry with us throughout the day.

And when life happens to us, that’s the mood we go back to after the event.

The person complaining about paying taxes, you’ll find will complain quite frequently about anything.

The person who constantly is laughing, will find a way to laugh no matter what is happening.

It makes me wonder… how many of us know our default setting?

Recently, Jeff and I went to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar in Chicago, Illinois.

Love him or hate him, there’s a lot of truth to what Tony says.

It was 10 hours inside a chilled United Center Stadium, with approximate 10,000 other people when he mentioned we will be starting to mentally prepare for the FIREWALK.

The FIREWALK is an 8 foot long bed of hot coals, ranging in temperature from 1200-2000 degrees. The goal is to walk our bare feet across them, in full confidence, and not feel the heat as it burns our flesh.

Now, I’ve done my research…there have been people at every event hospitalized from burns. This isn’t a bed of lukewarm coals with flaming lights underneath them to illuminate it and trick our minds into thinking they’re real even though they aren’t.

You can see the smoke. The fire. You can smell the burning embers. You can feel the intense heat.

This is NOT a bed of fake coals.

This shit is real.

Going into it, I was nervous. Jeff was cool a cucumber.

I mentally prepared, practiced changing my state.

Not going to sugar coat, we both burned our feet. It’s been almost 5 days and I still have a blister on the bottom of my left foot. But we COMPLETED it and realized what the experience really was.
When the crew doused off my feet to cool them quickly, I cried tears of joy.

Jeff laughed hysterically.

At the peak of our emotions, when there was relief from the hot coals, we could come off of the high, we noticed gratitude was my default emotion. Comedy was his.

Others were angry that the coals were too hot, some were mad they got burned by the coals, and even others were in disbelief they had that power.

Do you know yours?

Close your eyes and imagine how you would feel after walking across 1500 degree coals.

What’s your default?

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What’s Your “Default” Mood?

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