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5 Tips for Improving Your Focus

It’s May.

The year is half over. Or close to it. Idk…I’m not going to lose track of this important thought to google a tiny statistic right now.

In this year I have accomplished the following:

3 completed search assignments

8 books read

1 business started

3 websites built

5 ish blog posts

60 videos and counting on Youtube

2 online courses built, one is pending through Udemy which p.s. worst customer service there is… end rant

12 speaking gigs booked

1 ecommerce store started

1 podcast launch started

4 podcast features

2 Facebook group creations

1 Linkedin group creations

28,000 emails sent.

Not bad for 6 months in. Or is it?

How many of these ideas have I done WELL? Like well enough to convert to high engagement or dare I say…monetize?

Like one.

The rest I have put 100% effort into until I uncover a problem, then I get lost asking friends, reading articles, experimenting to fix the problem before I give up entirely and start a new endeavor hoping for one less problem to an easier solution.

Are you there too?

Today, I was attempting to start a chatbot through Manychat for facebook. I want it to work for my facebook group, that regularly sees my videos and comments. But I don’t have a fan page. So I need to make a fan page. But I can’t because I’m building an online retailer before my podcast interview at 2pm. Frankly, it sucks that it’s a video interview because I haven’t redone my office perfectly for the most viewable videos…

See my point?

Stick with like 5 things instead of 255 things. Work through the problems you are having versus responding to them and reinventing new ones.

Stay focused. Stay diligent.

When the year ends, what do you want it to stand for?

What stats do you want to have checked off?

When you filled out your Vision.Habits.Love guidebook – where have you gone astray?

Now, if something isn’t working, it’s okay to kill the dream to build a new one.

But don’t quit because there’s an obstacle you haven’t solved yet. You’re always going to be quitting.

Huge shoutout to Kelly A. from YEC for helping me see my “flaw” today.

And let this blog serve as a reminder that it’s only May- we have the time to get back on track. If we just focus.


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5 Tips for Improving Your Focus

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