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Linkedin Tools & Tips

Linkedin is by FAR my strongest social media platform.

I started on the site, roughly ten years ago when I was first starting out as a recruiter.

I then used it to scale Landmark Makers to a size large enough, that I could justify medical costs and pay myself a salary to get off of disability.

I love Linkedin.

I’ve been spending less and less time on the platform to learn more about other platforms, but to this day- it feels like my social media home.

Last I looked, LinkedIn offers a 280 million+ network.

This platform allows you to increase your sales pipelines (or if you’re a hiring manager, find great candidates as discussed here). You can direct message people, connect at scale, and now thanks to some new features – even see when your prospect is online.

1. Join LinkedIn Groups

  • If you join LinkedIn Groups that focus on job seekers, consultants and contractors you can easily expand your network
  • Identify active group members who fit into your hiring criteria
  • Start a conversation with these potential candidates by commenting on their posts or reaching out to them directly
  • Start a jobs discussion in the groups you belong to (especially groups related to the specific industry your potential employee would work in)
  • Don’t forget to ask for referrals!

2. INMAILS, send them. (for me right now, that means publicists, event planners, speaking bureaus, etc)

  • P.s. You don’t need an INmail if they are already connected to you.  If the INmail recipient replies, you get the credit back to your account (at least in Sales Navigator)
  • Keep your messages short and to the point
  • Don’t start out by asking them for something. You need to share who you are in a way that isn’t spammy, adds value to them, and invites them to check out your website or product.
  • Find something unique, and strike up a conversation.
  • Do not attempt to connect with a message such as, “Hi, we have mutual connections, how can I help you?” – there is no where for this conversation to lead.
  • Like, comment, share your goal connections posts/articles etc. Your goal connection will over time notice this, and it’s easier to strike up an authentic conversation. NOTE: comments will always go MUCH MUCH farther on LINKEDIN than likes. I can tell you, I have some fans that comment on almost everything I post, and I know their names/what they do/etc. I also have some fans who like every post, and I have no idea who they are.

3. Search on LinkedIn

  • Use this section to find keywords unique to your goal connection
  • Use LinkedIn search filters like location, industry and current company
  • I strongly recommend upgrading for $100 a month to Sales Navigator instead of the free version or Recruiter version. The search functionality is easier, you can save searches, and prospect by category.

4. Let LinkedIn Search For You

  • After creating a search that includes everything you’re looking for in goal connection, save it to get automatic notifications when new results come in

5. Update Your Posts

  • Never post a 1-2 sentence status. Linkedin is a text heavy platform with some minor exceptions of video experts. Video is slowly making it’s way to the platform, but I’m guessing text will always win.
  • Learn the art of copywriting. I still have a lot of work to go on this, but I’ve had organic posts (up to 1260 words) get over a million views.
  • When you do get a viral post (or ten), make sure to only accept RELEVANT connection requests or else your profile will over time, get less views, be less likely to grow.
  • To get additional exposure, you can ask a few of your most connected coworkers or friends to “like” the post (this will get the post in front of all their connections in addition to yours). This is called a “pod”. If your pod isn’t engaged, you’re better off building it from scratch with other dedicated platform users.
  • BONUS: Articles on Linkedin are good for long-term exposure but not short-term likes/shares. I can post an article on my page and get 10 likes, the same status, can get 3000 likes. But the status’s disappear after awhile, so if it’s everlasting content, do both.

6. Company Status Update

  • On your company page, post similar status updates, tailored towards potential customers
  • Much like with your personal status update, the more people who “like” your status, the more free exposure you will get

7. Company Followers

  • Make it a point to regularly review the list of your company followers
  • Connect with them.
  • To expedited this process, follow people who follow your competitors – bonus if you follow people who COMMENT on your competitors pages (this means they are actively engaged and if your biz/etc is superior, in theory, they will like and engage with your stuff too.

8. Recommendations

  • Want to really stand out and get to know your goal connection? WRITE them a recommendation on their profile after you’ve read their content/watched a video/seen them perform. Every time I get a recommendation, I personally reach out to that person- make the time for a call or to meet in person. I can assure you, other people who use the platform well- do this also. It’s about BUILDING relationships.

I’ll be working on a youtube video soon about Linkedin, sharing some other tools and features to help you dominate social media this year.

I’ve used this site to reach out to influencers when I first started writing, incredibly kind and inspirational people such as:

Sharon Lechter – Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Business Strategist & Mentor

Louis David Spagnuolo . – Serial Entrepreneur and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Don’tLook Media LLC

Jd Davids – Mentor at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center

Blake Cavignac – CEO Youngpro Elite

Sujan Patel – Serial entrepreneur & Marketing Genius

And many others.

This site has helped me get traffic to youtube, scale my first company, and develop business relationships that have turned into everlasting friendships.

Want Even More?

1. I AM ____: The Untold Story of Success is the best-selling book that went viral in 2016 (mostly because of the tips above); it takes real-life stories of successful influencers during their darkest times and puts it against the backstory of dealing with the terminal illness, Cystic Fibrosis.

2.  Life. ALL IN. is a free 15 week email course that comes with a guidebook that teaches you how to uncover what you truly want in life, how to build the habits to get it, and how to love others during your journey

3. Inspirational Keynote for Entrepreneurs Organization 

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Linkedin Tools & Tips

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