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How To Get More Views on Youtube

When Jeff and I weren’t exploring #Costarica, I was devouring some of the books I selected as part of my Master Vision Statement in the beginning of the year.

I listened to a variety of #podcasts and read a ton of email drip campaigns, especially John Lee Dumas (go check him out) and Gary V’s.

So before the critics jump online and denounce my #youtube views, let me explain, I am sharing what I am learning as I am learning it. If there’s one platform I KNOW, it’s Linkedin and that’ll be a later post.

Back to youtube.

I had a few videos go viral under a different account a few years ago, but no idea why. I since reposted them to my account and pretty much *crickets*

At the time of writing, I have 21 subscribers, 2.59k views. The good news is…it can only improve from here right?! haha.

So the thing about this platform, there’s a ton of ways for influencers to make a name for themselves.

Youtube is quickly outperforming traditional TV, my guess is – that trend will continue. $100 a month for cable? No thank you. Less than $10 for youtube and I can learn anything I want and see a cute puppy? Yes please.

As you post, remember, when you fail, which is going to be all the time, just take it as a sign to potentially pivot until you succeed. Then double down on what you succeed with.

This adage is annoying for a #millennial – we want things NOW, but important to understand for an #entrepreneur. We’re playing a long-game here, not looking for insta-fame.

My strategy going forward:

1) Tri-Weekly video logs on Youtube

a. Focus on How-To (such as this video)

b. Focus on Experiential Share (such as this)

c. Focus on tactical knowledge to help others learn the skills I’m learning on scaling as an influencer (such as this) .

2) As you blog, create an accompanying video such as what I did here. That post received more views and that video received more comments than any of my prior content.

BONUS: Also, add a card to the last 20% of your videos. You’ll see towards the end of almost all of mine, I direct you to another video so you don’t stray off into some other vloggers site (GASP)! Since we’re ranked by how many minutes you watch, a card is trick to keep the audience engaged.

3) Tell compelling stories with your videos. What does that mean?

– Capture who, what, where, why, when of each post.

– Look for things that have gone “viral” before and put your own spin on it.

– When creating titles, copy trending titles of other videos similar to yours.

4) After it’s uploaded

– promote your video via all of your social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter).

– I use to manage my auto-posts.

– For Instagram, I sometimes use as it has a lot of amazing features (editing and big picture views)

– BONUS: Facebook HATES youtube videos. So if you’re going to share it to facebook, I suggest creating a teaser native facebook video and then sending them to youtube if you need to.

5) Treat each like or comment from a fan as if it is an email of dire importance.

STOP thanking people for likes or comments and start asking them questions, sending them DM’s, engaging with their followers.

6) Create a playlist – so when watchers finish one video they automatically are sent to the next one. Youtube tracks watch time – so increasing any amount of it will be in your favor.

How to create a YouTube Playlist

  1. Navigate to the first video you want to include in the playlist.
  2. Click Add to.
  3. Select an existing playlist, or choose Create a new playlist (and then name that playlist).
  4. Choose your playlist’s privacy setting. Since you’re aiming for YouTube views, you’ll likely want to keep it Public.
  5. Click Create.

7) Record your videos horizontally, not vertically. It’s easier on the audience.

Win Win!

P.s. – that was 7 tips because there’s a certain YEC member who keeps telling me how to improve and I promise to always be a student first 🙂 Thank you!


Want Even More?

1. I AM ____: The Untold Story of Success is my best-selling book that went viral in 2016; it takes real-life stories of successful influencers during their darkest times and puts it against the backstory of dealing with the terminal illness, Cystic Fibrosis.

2.  Life. ALL IN. is a free 15 week email course that comes with a guidebook that teaches you how to uncover what you truly want in life, how to build the habits to get it, and how to love others during your journey

3. Inspirational Keynote for Entrepreneurs Organization 

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How To Get More Views on Youtube

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