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Do you have a VISION for your FUTURE that #Inspires You?

Evaluating my Master Vision Statement…

Ever since Tim Ferris came out with the 4 Hour Work Week, I’ve been fascinated with the types of entrepreneurs that can work from anywhere and monetize their personal brand.

Lifestyle bloggers, travel bloggers, youtube sensations are everywhere.

When I built my online recruiting company, it never occurred to me I was quickly learning the skills and tactics needed to survive the elusive online influencer space. As if there isn’t enough chaos involved in creating a company, every few months I was put in the hospital for complications and lung infections due to Cystic Fibrosis.

For the majority of my adult life, I worked a typical job. I clocked in, I clocked out, I ate my brown bag lunch in a beige room with other coworkers who shared my same break time. I got written up for socializing, promoted for crushing quotas, and fired for excessive absences due to all my hospitalizations (in that order).

When the time came for me to venture off on my own, it was out of necessity rather than choice. I had to build and monetize an online influencer brand (is it egotistical to call it that?) because some guy in a suit wasn’t going to hire me if he googled my name and discovered the massive liability known as my health.

It’s been 6 months since my last hospitalization, so no worries, I’m doing well (ish). But in the two years I started to scale Landmark Makers, I was really scaling my skills of documenting my life for the world’s stage.

As I learned the ins and outs of adwords, social media marketing, growth hacking, and the basics associated with youtube, my boyfriend scaled Wholesale Warranties to record breaking numbers.

One weekend in 2015, we went to an RV Show in picturesque Quartzsite, Arizona.

I met my first travel blogger there. They were this amazingly bubbly couple, who finished each other’s sentences, and chronicled their #RV lifestyle.

“That’s the dream,” I thought to myself as I left to hop on a call for my recruiting business.

It took another 1.5 years for me to have a lightbulb moment. This couple, monetized their business online, through travel, in an RV. Although completely different fields, it clicked that I monetized my business online, through recruiting, sometimes in a hospital. The similarities were profound.

As my personal brand started changing lives , it was clear my passion needed more attention.

I wanted to impact people, not “hard-core close” them. Is it possible that through speaking, book sales, and my online courses I accidentally stumbled into my dream career?

What if in addition to sharing my heart with the world, while documenting my setbacks and comebacks, I shared what I’m learning about adwords, digital marketing, SEO, growth hacking, social media, etc. ?!

What if I showed you on a technical side how I gain followers?

Increase engagement?

Get paid for speaking?

What if- the business model is the blend between all of my cumulative experiences?

What if I blend my experience living in the hospital, living in other countries, in discovering how to build an online brand, and share it with others wanting to do the same?

What kind of impact could that have?

I looked back at my completed Venn Diagram, recreated my Master Vision Statement and realized, the solution was right in front of me (to create your own diagram simply sign up for my FREE All. In. Course).

In upcoming blogs, you’ll receive technical advice on how I’m choosing to scale Miss Klyn. Real, actionable, tactical content that you can use today!

You’ll learn:

· what’s working

· what isn’t working

· what I’m doing when I’m not working

Can’t wait for next time!

With love,

Miss Klyn

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Do you have a VISION for your FUTURE that #Inspires You?

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