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How to Deal with Rejection

I woke up this morning at 5:45 am.

Do you know how often I’m up before 7?

Like never.

I was super excited for my morning call.


Since I’ve “scaled back” outbound sales strategies for my recruiting company I’ve launched fully into this brand.

The goal is simple.

I want to empower those who need to unleash their potential in scaling their own businesses or hustles. 99% of those who reached out to join the Life. All In. facebook page, have agreed to share feedback in exchange for the content I produce on what it’s really like scaling from nothing.

So today, the call was with a program to be a mentee.

I explained how the value I could give, would stem from teaching start ups how to recruit, and what I wanted to learn was more internet marketing help.

They asked my financials.

Last year, they weren’t too shabby. I did give a lot of discounts so it was a livable wage for me – but I definitely didn’t charge the industry standard 20-25% fee for recruiting, or $7500 for a lecture.

I even volunteered for the group I was now looking to join.

Shoe in right?

It took them half hour to turn me down.


Miss Klyn Media was shot down by an organization she spent two years helping the members of because my current financials don’t qualify for a mentorship application.

It sucks.

Ugly crying and blowing up a friends phone ensued for about an hour.

Then it hit me… that passion inside me…that fire inside me.


In the moment where I was slapped in the face by something I tried for and lost, was a moment for me to realize how badly I want Miss Klyn Media to thrive. If this pain I’m going through, finding a mentor, someone to help me time to time with start up questions, is this bad for me- I wonder how bad it is for other people?

I wonder how many people have lost their businesses because they had nowhere to turn?

And they were rejected after being “in service” for years?

I told myself I need to raise my prices so I qualify- but that didn’t seem right. I like my prices.

I told myself I’ll never help for free again to lead seminars, workshops etc – but sometimes I want to.

So instead, the issue is I need a tribe and community to learn how to make this brand happen.

And IF I can’t get accepted by my PLAN A, there’s still 25 more letters.


So what’s plan B?

If something doesn’t exist- create it.

To join fellow entrepreneurs and hustlers, check out my new LIFE. ALL IN. group.

Learn from me as I make more mistakes and get rejected more often.

You in?


Want Even More?

1. I AM ____: The Untold Story of Success is my best-selling book that went viral in 2016; it takes real-life stories of successful influencers during their darkest times and puts it against the backstory of dealing with the terminal illness, Cystic Fibrosis.

2.  Life. ALL IN. is a free 15 week email course that comes with a guidebook that teaches you how to uncover what you truly want in life, how to build the habits to get it, and how to love others during your journey

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How to Deal with Rejection

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