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Year: 2018

2018 Year in Review

2018 was a year of radical transformation for me. When I realized the odds of me dying this year from Cystic Fibrosis were relatively minimal, I set out to find myself. At the beginning of the year, I was building and scaling Landmark Makers, a recruiting services firm dedicated to helping smaller businesses scale through […]

Power to Persuade: How to Tell Stories that Sell

Story telling is one of the most underutilized persuasive techniques in our culture. This isn’t just for sales people, it’s for anyone who has to face rejection; the novelist searching for a publisher, the marketer building a brand, the entrepreneur looking for venture capital, the student raising money for the soccer team or the parents […]

The Power of Story Telling in Sales

I read a quote once about how entrepreneurship is believing in a vision that nobody can see but you. Do you have that vision? Is there someone close to you who constantly ridicules you, makes you feel inferior, questions your big picture, says something isn’t possible? We all have them. There are all kinds of […]

The Most Romantic Proposal

I’ve been the kind of girl who has wanted to get married since…well… since the day I put a white dress on my Barbie and made her enthusiastically say yes to Ken before darting off in their pink jeep on the way to the Barbie play house. For me, always ambitious, I never felt “complete” […]

How to Create a Job Description

Search Parameters When hiring for a new position, it’s imperative to create effective search parameters to guide you through the search process. Not only does this enable you to identify a qualified, high-level candidate, it will also help you to disqualify candidates whom wouldn’t be an ideal fit. Creating effective search parameters can be a […]

Understanding the Different Types of Recruitment Companies

Staffing agencies and recruitment agencies are not the same thing. There are instances, where a recruitment agency can also be a staffing agency. Depending on the type of candidate you are looking for, you may find it better to use a recruitment firm, a staffing firm, and RPO, or a mix. First of all, familiarize […]

Sales Managers: Cost Calculations for Hiring Salespeople

Calculating the Costs Associated w Recruitment Content Created by Landmark Makers Calculating the Costs Associated w Recruitment 1. Recruitment Costs Human Resources hourly rate x hours. = ________ Managers hourly rate x hours = ________ Other Interviewers’ hourly rate x hours. = ________ Cost of the Ad ________ Cost of a Referral Bonus________ Agency […]

Hiring Sales People: Steps for Success

Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make The hiring manager is required to bring in the best candidate for the job. That being said, there are common mistakes that hiring managers make. Most of these mistakes are easily avoidable and preventing them will help you greatly. Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make Mistake #1: Know-It-When-They-See-It Mindset Often times, […]

Knock Out Cystic Fibrosis – San Diego

I remember very clearly, to the day, when the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation saved my life. I was visiting my family in Dallas, Tx and they were out to get groceries while I stayed behind. My wheelchair, was in the corner of the apartment. My medications littering the kitchen table, cupboards, and counters. I didn’t […]

Motivation Manifesto to the Powerful Women I Know

Lately, I’ve been coaching a lot of powerful women on self-confidence and what it takes to truly acknowledge who you are and how to make an impact. We all struggle. Some of us, find comfort in the struggle and begin a pattern of self-sabotage. Some of us, move away from the pain and into the […]

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