Summer Newsletter from Klyn Elsbury

  Summer Newsletter from Klyn Elsbury Hey friends, By now, you may have received the summer newsletter from Klyn Elsbury in your inbox.  If not, sign up here to make sure you never miss one. The thing about having cystic fibrosis is when I’m feeling well, time passes incredibly fast! It’s been over a year […]

Habits of Successful Salespeople

Habits of Successful Salespeople Author, Brian Tracy, notably said, “All habits are formed by habits.”  So if that’s true, what are the habits of successful salespeople? Every day, you should create a habit of writing out your plan with your top priorities and goals. In fact, stop for a second and think about what you […]

John O Leary Live Inspired Podcast w Klyn Elsbury

John O Leary Live Inspired Podcast w Klyn Elsbury Listen in to John O Leary on his Live Inspired Podcast featuring Klyn Elsbury in this weeks motivational blog. If you’d like to hear our collaboration on the Live Inspired Podcast, below are the show notes and links.      4 Ways to Find Your Happy […]

Appreciate Your Life: A Journal Entry

⚡️Every now and again, I am hospitalized from a genetic condition known as cystic fibrosis.  I always try to share my story with a sense of authenticity that is refreshing for you all. I am human.  Sometimes, such as now, my blog posts are more of a personal diary entry to remind you that we […]

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards For those of you who have asked me to repost my keynote for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, enjoy this quick little post. About (GSEA) 📷 The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending college or university. Nominees compete […]

2018 Year in Review- A Journal Entry

2018 Year in Review- A Journal Entry 2018 was a year of radical transformation for me. When I realized the odds of me dying this year from Cystic Fibrosis were relatively minimal, I set out to find myself. At the beginning of the year, I was building and scaling Landmark Makers, a recruiting services firm […]

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