Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested”

Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested”

Many of you who listen to The Truth About Sales podcast, know that I have my master practitioner license in neurolinguistic programming (NLP).  One of the fascinating things about this school of thought, is how it can be applied to not only sales but objection handling. If you troll the internet long enough, there’s one objection that seems to still stump the sales experts: Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested”

For fun once, during a sales workshop, I challenged the audience to list all the objections they hear in a month in working with prospects.

Top 6 Objections in Sales

  1. Either the customer is happy where they are at
  2. The prospect doesn’t like you
  3.  Maybe the prospect doesn’t like your company
  4. The prospect doesn’t like your product
  5. The location of you, the service team, or the product isn’t convenient enough
  6. Price

At the conclusion of this challenge, one salesperson raised their hand and exclaimed, “But Klyn, isn’t it an objection if they customer says they have no need for your product? So there’s 7!”


Despite what the other sales trainers are telling you, not having a need for your product isn’t an objection.  If you scour the internet, you’ll read a dozen blogs that advise you to simply keep the customer talking when this happens. Just distract them, build rapport, and learn more about them to uncover the need.


Here’s the deal: in solution-based selling, this will never work.

There are simply too many leads and potential customers to waste your time on the phone trying to sell to someone who really has no genuine interest in your product or service.  It is your moral responsibility to serve as many people as possible, if someone has no need or interest, you are hurting those who do. Your most finite resource in life is time.  Do not waste it with people who are not actual buyers.

You are wasting your time selling to someone who doesn’t care or have a need for what you are selling.

Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to work on other warm-leads or build relationships rather than sell?

Even if you know your product can help them, there’s no point in trying to sell if they aren’t open to it.

Not everyone in the world is focused on growing the way I am (or you are if you’re reading this). I have to recognize and appreciate that not everyone is wired the way I am.  Many salespeople, on the surface, talk a big game.  They share they want to grow, develop, and be a top producer.  However, when you try to help them achieve great things and grow in their career, a different personality emerges.

How to Tell When Someone Isn’t Interested

  • They don’t respond to emails from customers.
  • Usually, they are late to company meetings.
  • It is challenging to give them constructive feedback.
  • They spend more time finding creative workarounds vs. actually working.

This type of salesperson in our coaching programs has the same characteristics as the customer who comes to you with the not interesting objection.

It’s in my best interest, to fire them from my coaching program and serve those who really do want to become top producers.  It’s an interesting example, but I’d like to share with you, it’s the same for you and your company.  Get rid of those who say they want to improve their bottom line, but don’t back it up with actions.  If a customer tells you they aren’t interested, they arent’.

These people are happy with the standards they have set for their lives until something radical happens that induces massive pain or pleasure, they are content.

Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested”

Never try to sell when someone has no need.
It’s a “sunk cost” activity that costs you more in the long run.

Focus on what works and keep on that grind. Manage your time.  Attention goes, where energy flows.  A friend once told me that if I have a house plant that is dying, to throw it in the trash so I am not reminded of decay and death every time I look at it.  That same psychological phenomenon should encourage you to clean out your pipeline if you have uninterested buyers in there.  Your time is better spent helping all the people you can.

You’ve got this.


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Overcoming Objections in Sales: “I’m not interested”

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