Best Social Media Management Platforms

We live in a world where social media helps build immediate relationships with prospects and clients and can often be incredibly overwhelming.  The best social media management platforms seem to change overnight, and many times the strategies companies are using to amplify brand power can be ineffective at best.

What Are The Best Social Media Management Platforms

Before I go over the list, I want to remind my new readers of Klyn’s Motivational Sales Blog how we got here.  You see, I’m insanely passionate about two things:

1) Reminding you that all champions were built, not born
2) Teaching ambitious salespeople how to improve their closing percentages and rock their sales careers.  Part of this, can be done by being creative and learning how to grow & monetize your personal social media accounts.

There’s never been a better time in history to be accountable for your own social media accounts, especially if you’re in a competitive industry and looking to stand out among your colleagues or competition.

When I set out to build my motivational keynote speaking brand, I got tired of going to conferences only to hear the same content over and over.  None of the insights were particularly profound, and definitely not many were highly tactical.  I think we live in a world where we are starved for insight and actionable content.

The experts time and time again made fluff statements such as:
Schedule your content” 

What’s that even mean?
Content means nothing if nobody finds it. You can write the best book in the world (shameless plug) but if you can’t market it, there isn’t a point.

I made Shark School to teach the hardcore tactics that I discovered that everyone else was afraid to share.

Our first 5 Sharks were able to quit their day job and make money in their own biz.
Then I tried it with corporate salespeople who were tired of getting ghosted from clients, and it worked!

These people didn’t have many followers. They didn’t have much money to put into fancy systems or tech. They weren’t tech-savvy, most of them struggled to figure out Salesforce when their manager rolled it out.

BUT  the Sharks had the work ethic and discipline to do what I told them to do.

They knew they wanted to make more money and wanted the “silver bullet”.
Yet they also knew there’s no such thing as a “silver bullet” but if given the steps, they’d work a$$ off to achieve their dreams.

Strategically planning your posts is crucial to making it.

Now we’re going to teach you HOW.

I’ve reviewed five of the most-talked-about tools to help you (some are FREE)

Best Social Media Management Platforms Ranked


The go to for highly curated brands who need their instagram to look flawless!




  • Auto-publish photos and captions
  • Can link products to photos for your customers to shop
  • Hashtags are saved for easy reference


  • Only supports Instagram content.
  • Cannot comment or like other users’ posts from the app or your desktop.
  • Can’t post hashtags to the comments, only the photo.



For businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place


Social media management platforms ranked
Social media management platforms ranked


  • Easy to autopost, great for beginners
  • Analytics makes it easy to track and reshare high performing content
  • Set it and forget it, then they email you when your queue is empty


  • Can’t see the grid in it’s entirety
  • Can’t reply to comments or likes
  • Instagram posting can be trickier


Helps you find, form and deepen real connections with the people who love your brand.



  • Schedule content to all social media platforms
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Respond to messages across all platforms from one inbox


  • One of the most expensive out there
  • Can’t see the entire grid to know if the aesthetic works, like Planoly
  • Can’t link to products or services


Automates how you promote your business and content on social media.


Social media management platforms ranked
Social media management platforms ranked

Good for:

Set it and forget it! Automation at it’s finest, allowing you to strategically plan then step away.

Notable Features:

Create your queue and Meetedgar will continuously publish and republish that content until you tell it not to.


No free account available.


Manage multiple social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media.


Social media management platforms ranked
Social media management platforms ranked


  • Manage from one place
    One dashboard for 35 platforms
  • Reply with a single click
    Quickly respond to messages, brand mentions, and comments across your social networks
  • Track performance and grow your audience
    Great analytics to learn about your audience


  • No drop and drag editor like Planoly.
  • Can’t link products to photos.
  • Can’t store hashtags.

And of course, a little bit about Shark School

Interested in learning more?

Don’t go with the advice from somebody who has leveraged fake followers or purchased likes in an attempt to look more impressive than they are.

The most successful salespeople today MODELED who they want to be like.

Take the story of Shark, Tris.  She had a thriving business but agents didn’t want to book her for keynotes because she didn’t have many followers.  After one of lesson, her engagement TRIPLED.

She has a paid keynote next month.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an income you can THRIVE off of, using socials, then we’ve got your back.

Klyn Elsbury


Best Social Media Management Platforms

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