The Secret to Lasting Motivation

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The thing is, we all have goals that we keep putting off. We all have things on our bucket list that we are afraid to try for because if we fail, then we are officially out of excuses.

But that’s the thing. It never gets easier than it is right now, today, this very moment to creating action and progress towards your #dreams .

You’re not getting any younger. Time is only speeding up. The situation will never get better until you act, and even then, nothing is a guarantee.

It’s so much easier to live a life of mediocrity than the life you were born to live.
We can be comforted by our excuses and rely on short-term gratification to get through the tough moments…

But that’s not what life is about.

It’s about waking up and going for it⚡️
There is no such thing as #failure – there’s only #feedback

If you don’t see the results you want, you’re not failing you are just learning from the world what will and will not work for you.

Please stop putting off your future because you’re afraid in the present.

It’s a myth that you have to be motivated to act. The reality is, you need to act and then the motivation comes. I need you to seriously think about your life and the things that are important to you that you keep putting off.

Is it lack of motivation? I bet not.
I bet you have plenty of motivation.

I bet the only thing it really boils down to is your fear of what happens if it isn’t accomplished.

So act on those fears and the motivation will come.

Trust me on this one.
I love you.

The Secret to Lasting Motivation

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